A Petition for a Native Hawaiian Corporation

This Petition will be sent to:
  1. President Donald Trump
  2. United States Hose of Representatives
  3. United States Senate
  4. Governor David Ige
  5. Hawaii State House of Representatives
  6. Hawaii State Senate

1)   Whereas at one time those of Native Hawaiian ancestry controlled 100% of 6,422 square miles of land in these Hawaiian islands

2)   Whereas Native Hawaiians have a rich cultural history and have contributed mightily to the prosperity and defense of the United States and through all this have patiently endured the usurpation of their natural rights to preserve their history and culture in the most direct and effective way possible.

3)   Whereas no ethnic group can long perpetuate itself without Direct Control of all properties and assets that rightfully belonging to them.

4)   And, in times past such rightful assets were set aside in the Department of Hawaiian Homelands ( estimated 312 square miles of land ) and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs             ( estimated Six Hundred Million Dollars in assets ).

5)   But, as such assets are under the control of the State of Hawaii and its political subdivisions and not the Native Hawaiian citizens and that the State of Hawaii has neither the mandate or ability to direct that these assets be solely controlled by those of Native Hawaiian ancestry.

6)   We hereby petition that the assets contained in the Department of Hawaiian Homelands and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs can and should be under the direct control of those of native Hawaiian Ancestry in the form of a Native Hawaiian Corporation modeled after the Alaska Native Claims and Land Settlement Act of 1971.

7)   We the Signatories of this Document direct that the US Congress, the Governor and Legislators of the State of Hawaii, in a timely manner, work to produce an Act of Congress to be presented for Presidential approval to create a Native Hawaiian Corporation containing all the assets of the Department of Hawaiian Homelands and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs to be controlled by native Hawaiian shareholders to secure all benefit and privileges as prescribed by law.



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