The Need For Economic Sovereignty

Native Hawaiians are stymied when it comes to the full benefit of the assets they can use to enrich themselves and the Hawaiian culture.  Native Hawaiians, (through a federally recognized Native Hawaiian Corporation) should have direct control of the 203,500 acres controlled by the Department of Hawaiian Homelands and the $600,000,000 controlled by Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

The ANC (Alaska Native Corporations) has proven how indigenous people and their culture can thrive through a modern corporate organizational structure tasked with overseeing their commonly held land and financial interest.

  • As a private corporations they can restrict their base of shareholders and keep voting rights within that base.

  • They can work with other corporations to develop economic and strategic partnerships.

  • They can pursue goals and  interest according to shareholders instructions and develop their assets as needed to advance those goals.

  • Their land and financial assets legally belong to them and preserve for themselves and their descendants cultural cohesion through economic self- interest.

The federal process of creating a Native Hawaiian Corporation has clear precedent with the ANC (Alaska Native Corporations) and is doable given a popular base of support.

Securing Economic Sovereignty through a Native Hawaiian Corporation works to right a previous injustice, creates economic sovereignty to perpetuate the culture and puts now poorly used assets into the hands of attentive and informed native Hawaiian shareholders. 



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