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Native Hawaiian people have excelled in various personal and professional ways but as a group they continue to be treated as incompetent to take care of their own assets.   Both OHA and DHHL are controlled by “Trustee’s” giving the impression that native Hawaiians are in a perpetual state of infancy.

Sadly this has been an accepted norm for generations.  While DHHL has assets (such as the 80,000 square feet of prime real estate at 820 Isenberg Street) sitting idle and abandoned for decades, native Hawaiians wait endlessly, not to be owners of their own home, but tenants on a 99 year lease.  Why only potential tenants when DHHL has at least 300 square miles of land and OHA has over six hundred million dollars in assets is a question that must be addressed?

Clearly OHA and DHHL have land and financial assets that by smart development would become a permanent source of revenue to enrich native Hawaiians for generations.  Both the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) and the Department of Hawaiian Homelands (DHHL), if they were privately held entities, would be highly profitable engines of opportunity for those their tasked to empower (shareholders).

Native Hawaiians either ignore OHA and DHHL as they pursue their own course or in turn give far to much leeway to these agencies which are both poorly managed and unable or unwilling to achieve the highest good their asset base could attain.   Hawaiian culture can only be perpetuated by having land and financial assets and no state program, grants or endowments can hope to equal the power of a secure Land Base.

100 years of misinformation and mismanagement caused the loss all native land assets in Hawaii and it’s time to reawaken both the innovation and determination exhibited by Hawaii’s mighty leaders of the past.   We should also support leadership in agencies like OHA and activist in the community who have a long term vision of prosperity and empowerment for native Hawaiians not the perpetuation of  Democrat (or Republican) governing agendas.

Native Hawaiians Must Refuse to be Just Tenants When They Are In Fact the Rightful Owners of Extensive Hawaiian Island Resources!

They have assets and with determination and leadership native Hawaiians can innovate to EXPAND THEIR OWNERSHIP for greater Hawaiian economic and cultural prosperity.

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